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Installation and Repair of TPO Membrane Roofing

Specializing in new construction and the rehabilitation of TPO membrane roofing, Groupe Toitures Nortech serves the North Shore of Montreal and the surrounding region. Its skilled and dynamic team is able to carry out work on residential and commercial TPO roofs of any kind.

Whether in regards to installation, repair or maintenance on TPO roofing, our experienced roofers are available to fulfill all your needs with agility, professionalism, and efficiency.

With years of experience in the roofing business, in the course of which they have mastered the building techniques of TPO roofs, our experts offer you turnkey services for all your construction and renovation projects.

What Is a TPO Roof and What Are Its Advantages?

  • There are many advantages in opting for a TPO membrane roof to cover your home or business. Indeed, this type of roof, consisting of a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane (TPO), is particularly resistant to weathering, heat, and wind thanks to its sealing system welded with hot air.
  • TPO roofs are popular for covering businesses and homes since they are not only very aesthetic, but are also economical, thanks to their long lifespan (30 to 50 years), resistance to tearing, reduction of heat islands (especially white TPO roofs), and ease of maintenance.
  • TPO roofs are the least polluting among all petroleum-based membranes. For all the above reasons and more, TPO roofs may be an aesthetic and durable alternative to cover the roofs of your residences and businesses.

EPDM Membrane Roofing

EPDM is a synthetic single-layer membrane made of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene having many advantages. In addition to having little or no environmental impact, it is recyclable and requires little maintenance. Because it can have a long lifetime and a low cost of implementation, this choice of membrane may be a long-term investment. The EPDM membrane has a remarkable elasticity and perfectly supports temperature variations . Unlike other kinds of membrane, it does not require flame on the solder joints as it is cold-applied using contact adhesives . Whether it's a commercial, industrial or even residential, the EPDM membrane is proven and remains a considerable choice for flat roofs .

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To learn more about the benefits of opting for a TPO roof, do not hesitate to contact us. Based in Mirabel, we serve the regions of the North Shore, the Lower Laurentians, as well as the cities of Laval, Blainville and many others.

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The Groupe Toitures Nortech has many years of experience in the field of residential, commercial, and industrial roofing.

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