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The elastomeric membrane is the most widely used coating to protect flat roofs!

Roofing with elastomeric membrane in Saint-Sauveur

Are you looking for a roofer to install or repair an elastomeric membrane roof in Saint-Sauveur? If you have a house, a business, a condo building (or apartment building), an institutional building or an industrial building with a flat roof, GROUPE TOITURES NORTECH can help you! The installation of this waterproof and resistant roof covering will give you peace of mind for many long years.

Indeed, this membrane is very durable and offers an excellent price/quality ratio, all while requiring very little maintenance. It is the most widely used coating by flat roof building owners! In addition, the white elastomeric membrane is energy efficient since it helps keep buildings cooler in the summer, in turn reducing the cost of air conditioning. A terrace can even be installed on the roof of condo buildings, restaurants or houses that have their flat roofs covered with it!

Boasting numerous years of experience in the field of installation, reparation and restoration of elastomeric membrane roofs in Saint-Sauveur, our certified roofers carry out rigorous installation work, fully respecting the recommendations by the manufacturer SOPREMA.

The very resistant elastomeric membrane roofs

It is no surprise that the elastomeric membrane roofs are the most popular when it comes to flat roofs. The manufacturer Soprema has submitted its product through a series of tests that have maximized its resistance to chocks, tears, hail, foot traffic and damage due to strong winds!

Not to mention that the elastomeric membrane is the most waterproof flat roof covering on the market. Indeed, given it is made up of a layer of synthetic rubber (polymer based) and a layer of bitumen hot-fused using a blowtorch, it provides total waterproofing. All corners of the roof are filled by the rubber product, which prevents any water infiltration.

Whether you choose a black, grey or white elastomeric membrane for your roof, your building will be protected for thirty years! If the granules covering the membrane are white, this will allow them to reflect the UV rays and the heat from the sun during hot weather, keeping the interior of the building cool and comfortable.

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