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We offer 2 high-performance choices for your flat roof: an elastomeric membrane and a thermoplastic membrane (TPO).

Roofers for flat roof covering in Blainville

Are you looking for a roofer for your flat roof covering in Blainville or surrounding cities in the region? Whether your roof is residential, commercial, institutional (hospitals, schools, etc.), municipal or industrial, GROUPE TOITURES NORTECH can help you protect it from bad weather, at a great price!

We offer, at the customer’s choice, two advantageous solutions for the covering of your flat roof: an elastomeric membrane and a thermoplastic membrane (TPO), which both provide ironclad waterproofing.

Flat roof in TPO membrane

If you are looking for a worthy, durable, ecological and energy efficient system for your flat or slightly sloped roof, the TPO membrane (thermoplastic polyolefin) is ideal. Built from ethylene-propylene rubber, this membrane is highly renowned for covering large surface flat roofs.

The waterproofing of the membrane spawns from its method of installation. Indeed, a system of joints welded with hot air prevents any infiltration of water. The TPO membranes are tear-resistant, require little maintenance, and even contribute to the reduction of urban heat islands (white TPO roofs).

Flat roofs in two-layer elastomeric membrane

The elastomeric membrane for flat roofs is composed of a layer of polymer-based synthetic rubber, which is fused with a layer of bitumen. This two-layer membrane is laid in rolls with the help of a torch. The two fused layers therefore provide complete waterproofing for this flat roof covering. Everything is then covered with granules of a colour of your choice. White granules reflect the sun’s rays, which in turn reduces the interior temperature of buildings in the summer (which also reduces the cost of air conditioning).

The elastomeric membrane is very durable and requires little maintenance. Boasting years of experience in installation, restoration and reparation of elastomeric membranes, our roofers perform impeccable work on flat roofs.

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