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Trust us with the installation of the most waterproof roof covering for your flat roof!

Roofer for elastomeric membrane roofing in the Laurentians

Are you searching for a roofer for the installation, restoration or reparation of an elastomeric membrane roof in the Laurentians? If you have a house, a business, a residential building, an institutional building or an industrial building with a flat roof, the GROUPE TOITURES NORTECH team can install this extremely waterproof and resistant membrane.

The elastomeric membrane was specially developed for covering flat roofs. It is made up of 2 layers which are fused together using a torch: one layer of polymer based synthetic rubber, and one layer of bitumen.

The membrane can vary in colour, depending on your choice. When the installation is properly done and the devices emerging from the roof are well sealed (fans, plumbing vents, etc.), your building will be adequately protected against water infiltration.

Boasting many years of experience in the domain of installation, repair and restoration of elastomeric membrane roofs in the Laurentians, our roofers, certified by the manufacturer Soprema, can guarantee you superior quality work.

Advantages of an elastomeric membrane

The elastomeric membrane, due to its rubbery composition, is resistant to chocks, and does not twist, tear or split. In addition, it is very durable and requires little maintenance. The installation can be completed in any season, however only trained and experienced professionals can install it.

The white elastomeric membrane is the most popular one among our commercial clients, since it reflects the UV rays and the heat from the sun, allowing for cooler temperatures inside the buildings during summer, in turn reducing the cost of air conditioning.

By choosing the white granules to cover your elastomeric membrane, you will benefit from several advantages. It will reflect the sun’s rays, which will lower the interior temperature of your house or business. Its lifespan will be longer due to the reduction in temperature, and it will create less urban heat islands. Additionally, thanks to a white elastomeric membrane, it is possible to have a rooftop terrace.

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